Product Testing Services

As speeds of equipment increase, and competition escalates, traditional methods of trim and matrix waste removal often limit manufacturing efficiency. AirTrim offers solutions within three engineering disciplines: our patented energy saving adjustable inducer/venturi, ultra-quiet trim cutter or material handling fan. Our test lab can confirm the best design for you.

AirTrim welcomes the opportunity to run your product through our test lab to confirm the performance of conveying your material prior to placing an order.


Installation Supervision and Start up Services

AirTrim’s Technical Service personnel help insure your AirTrim pneumatic conveying system starts up on time, meets your specifications and trains your employees in its operation.


System Audits

Ordering a new machine that requires a pneumatic trim/matrix removal system?

To ensure you specify the best pneumatic trim or matrix removal system for your new press, printer or converting machine, contact AirTrim at the time you order your new machine. What is best system for you? What do you need? Trim cutter? Venturi? Material handling fan? Central system? Single machine system? Stationary? Portable? Space allocation? Ceiling height? Is dust control an issue? This type of communication helps insure you get the best system for your application.

Existing pneumatic systems not keeping up with your speeds?

Pneumatic trim systems can benefit from system audits to ensure its current performance is able to accommodate your production needs. Faulty bearings, damaged fans, excessive vibration, damaged duct, lack of dust control, excessive noise levels, can each lead to system degradation. Contact AirTrim to help address these issues in your system.


AirTrim Cutter Sharpening Program (ACSP) for Cutters

To improve your competitive edge, keep your trim cutter blades sharp!

Far too often, trim cutter blades silently wear, and production suffers. Worn cutter blades can look good but they have lost their sharp cutting edge. Sometimes cutter blades can look like these. Both blade types reduce production capacity and eventually stop working.

 Worn trim cutter blades hurt your production. Best to set up a sharpening schedule before dull blades hurt you next time.

Dull blades begin missing cuts, generating longer trim. Longer trim increases rotor bearing load. Increased rotor bearing load can shut your cutter down, stopping your production.

AirTrim Cutter Sharpening Program (ACSP) keeps your production running at top speed.

  1. Ship your cutter(s) (without motor) plus 2-3 feet of material to AirTrim.
  2. AirTrim will examine trim cutter to determine if sharpening is all that is needed. AirTrim will advise you if additional work is recommended.
  3. AirTrim grinds both rotor and fixed blade to an “as new” cutting edge.
  4. AirTrim (a) reassembles the cutter with new bearings, (b)resets cutter blade to cut your material, and (c) returns cut bag sample and old rotor bearings.
  5. AirTrim helps plan for your future cutter maintenance by setting you up in our ACSP Reminder System for (1) year. Or send us your schedule and AirTrim will use your data for our schedule reminder. *If requested, AirTrim provides a free, rugged compact shipping wood box for your future trim cutter sharpening needs.