AirTrim’s pneumatic MRF Jumboveyor is an environmentally friendly alternative to open conveyors in Material Recovery Facilities. Designed to maintain sufficient air flow from the intake to receiver. The Jumboveyor provides high throughput for bulky, heavier, and odd sized products traveling through the pneumatic conveying system.

Designed for tough and rugged MRF’s, the MRF Jumboveyor is a proven, steel design that easily accepts larger size detergent bottles, size #10 cans, plastic milk jugs, larger detergent bottles and other recyclables to reduce sorting time and labor costs. Its rugged, energy efficient design ensures years of use at low maintenance and operating costs.

Advantages include:

  1. Reduce sorting time
  2. Simplify sorting of product types
  3. Accommodates multiple materials
  4. Increase productivity
  5. Improve facility appearance
  6. Free up valuable floor space

The patented MRF jumboveyor is available up to 32” in diameter and simplifies sorting and transportation challenges facing MRF’s in today’s competitive market.