Cutter Systems

Trim Cutter System

Consider our industry leading ultra-quiet trim cutter system when conveying longer distances and to reduce waste volume for paper, plastic, film and foil. In many applications, our customers can increase machine speeds as waste is automatically removed from your machine. Additional advantages could include reduction of waste hauling costs and a reduction of manual labor needed to transfer waste from production floor to a baler/compactor. Our Cutter Systems are proven in the paper, plastic, film, foil and PSA matrix industries.

AirTrim Cutter Systems for PSA label matrix removal applications are the best in the industry. The trim cutter proprietary internal lubrication system reduces and controls the volume of silicone or mineral oil needed, keeping your facility as clean as possible.

AirTrim offers the widest selection of trim cutters in the industry to better provide you with a cutter to fit your specific need. Our AirTrim cutter technology will dramatically improve your overall trim handling system performance and increase production efficiency.

All Iron Rugged, Precision cast iron cutter design.

Tough (3) knife blade strengthened standard rotor shaft ensures rotor stability and cutting accuracy in the most demanding applications as well as think materials that are .0004”.

Speed+ cutter design accelerates air speed through the cutter up to 30% to help ensure efficient cutting action.

Fast Change cutter blade design simplifies cutter blade replacement. Our blade replacement time is a fraction of our competitors.

Whisper+ cutter design ensures our cutters are one of the quietest running cutters on the market. Its cast iron, precision machined, ground construction eliminates much of the noise. The shear-cut cutting action keeps the noise level to a minimum.