Rental Systems

AirTrim EZ Rent to Own Program helps you when you face:

  1. Temporary production increases
  2. Need for portable trim removal systems
  3. Confirming ROI/ Payback for larger trim removal systems

The AirTrim EZ Rental Program

Evaluating and selecting trim removal systems is complex. Pressure is on to select the right system for your application and goals.
How best to confirm the ROI/ Payback of a larger pneumatic trim removal system?

To help companies make the best investment decision, AirTrim has developed an easy, low risk, affordable solution to confirm ROI/ Payback of your pneumatic system-the AirTrim EZ Rent to Own Program.

Whether you are evaluating a trim cutter, inducer/venturi or material handling fan system, AirTrim offers you an opportunity to rent a trim system to allow you to run it on a single machine and confirm the value of the trim removal system in your operation. Rent it for weeks, months or years – it’s up to you! You only pay the freight charge and rental fee.

Determine the ROI/ Payback of the trim system with more confidence while gaining valuable input from your employees who use it.

AirTrim’s EZ Rent to is the best way to confirm ROI/ Payback on your next pneumatic conveyance system. Due to the interest in this program, rental unit availability may vary. Call us to confirm the projected schedule for your application.