About Us

  1. AirTrim continues to grow our customer base which consists of all company sizes from small, medium, and large, we have the solution for you! AirTrim is the leader in engineering, manufacturing, and installing reliable pneumatic trim and matrix removal systems and components in North America based on three technologies:
    1. Material Fan
    2. Patented Venturi/ Inducer
    3. Trim cutter
  2. Our major strength is breadth of design experience in each of the above systems to evaluate and design the best system for our customers in conjunction with your end goal and budget.
  3. AirTrim offers full system Engineering Study/Audits of existing systems even if the system is from a competitor to AirTrim.
  4. Our extensive experience (35+ years) is key to our success handling many different machine and material types.
  5. AirTrim is the industry leader in smaller, one machine rental systems for emergency needs to satisfy short- or long-term applications.
  6. AirTrim evolved from a 100+ year old US machinery builder for the rugged paper manufacturing industry and gradually expanded into pneumatic material handling solutions for a wider range of industries.
  7. As AirTrim is centrally located in New Carlisle, Ohio, and is located within 500 miles of approximately 80% of our customers in the United States and Canada AirTrim provides best in class response time, service and support.
  8. AirTrim‘s in house tech service teams offer customers on-site installation, system start up, employee training and after sale customer support.
  9. AirTrim is owned 100% by United States citizens.
  10. AirTrim’s total system approach includes compacters, balers, and dust containment systems.

We welcome the opportunity to help you with your trim or matrix removal application.