Automated Matrix Removal Cutter System

Consider our industry leading ultra-quiet trim cutter with silicone oil mist system when conveying Pressure Sensitive Adhesive material. The trim cutter proprietary internal lubrication system reduces and controls the volume of silicone or mineral oil needed, keeping your facility as clean as possible. In many applications, our customers can increase machine speeds as waste is automatically removed from your press. Additional advantages include reduction of waste hauling costs and a reduction of manual labor needed to transfer waste from production floor to a compactor.

Automated Matrix Venturi System

Consider our Patented Adjustable Venturi System when conveying your Pressure Sensitive Adhesive matrix. Our Patented Matrix Twister™ intake with internal lubrication twists the matrix into a rope where the matrix is kept continuous as it passes through our Patented Adjustable Venturi and into a separator where your matrix drops into your receptacle of choice such as a gaylord or compactor while the air vents to atmosphere.