Venturi Systems

Adjustable Venturi/Inducer Systems

Consider the AirTrim patented*(Patent no. 6732897) energy saving venture/inducer when conveying a continuous stream of waste or removal. In many applications, our customers can increase machine speeds as waste is automatically removed from your machine. Venturi systems keep the workplace free of cut material and typically convey to a baler. This system does not incorporate a trim cutter or fan, therefore it presents the lowest level of maintenance among the 3 types of trim removal systems. Our patented energy saving venturi/inducer systems are proven in the paper, plastic, film, foil and PSA matrix industries. Airtrim’s patented energy saving adjustable inducer has expanded the use of this technology into multiple industries. AirTrim offers the largest selection of venturi’s on the market from 3” up to 32” internal diameter.