(LST) Lid Sleeve Transporter

Still manually transporting empty lid sleeves from canning area to your baler?
If transporting empty lid sleeves from your canning area to baler is challenging in terms of maintaining high levels of sanitation, site organization and satisfying increasing production commitments, the AirTrim LST can help.
The LST (Lid Sleeve Transporter) accepts operator’s manually removed lid sleeve. LST transports it directly to baler.
LST Benefits include:

  1. Transports empty lid sleeves to baler quickly and effortlessly
  2. Improves sanitation by eliminating soiled sleeves in canning area
  3. Keeps total canning area cleaner, better organized
  4. Eliminates mess of empty lid sleeves accumulation
  5. Lessens chance of operator trips and falls
  6. Supplied as a complete package as shown in the above sketch


Still manually removing and transporting empty lid sleeves to the baler from your Rotofeeder?
To help improve levels of sanitation, reduce operator shoulder strain and improve lid sleeve debagging efficiency in the canning area, specify the patented ArmPro + LST combo.
Engineered to easily retro fit onto your standard and dual discharge Rotofeeders™ , AirTrim’s patented ARMPRO + LST Combo semi-automatic lid sleeve debagger offers multiple benefits for higher production canning operations:

  1. Improves sanitation in canning area by removing soiled empty lid sleeves
  2. Keeps canning area neat and organized
  3. Helps insure lid sleeves feed to the seamer at maximum speeds
  4. Simplifies debagging process: the ArmPro does the higher bag lifting; operator only lifts lower portion of sleeve 1’ to 2’. not the required 3’-4’ of total manual operation. Huge difference!
  5. Reduces potential rotator cuff strain during debagging operation
  6. System’s design-flexible footprint permits usage around tight areas
  7. Supplied as a complete package as shown in the above sketch
    With the ArmPro + LST Combo, operators need only lift Lid Sleeves about 1’ to 2’ and not the normally required 3’-4’ for total manual lid sleeve removal. Plus, it automatically lifts the empty lid sleeves into intake of the LST (Lid Sleeve Transporter) and eliminate operators from having to manually move lid sleeves to baler or compactor area.

*Rotofeeder is trade mark of Fleetwood